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    Alu Alu Lamination Machine

    Solvent based dry lamination of aluminium foil with nylon / pvc film and other substrate by gravure coating system and lamination after specially temp monitored drying application in double operation. A premeasured treatment is required after first lamination.
    Aluminium foil 30µ – 50µ
    PVC Up to 80µ
    OPA Up to 30µ
    Max web width 1000 mm
    Maximum operating speed 100 mpm
    Designed Line speed 150 MPM
  • Solvent based adhesive application — Gravure coating system
  • Pneumatic application for doctor blade and impression roller, horizontal drying hood, coating and dry lamination nip unit.
  • High velocity drying system equipped with multi zone drying tunnel of proper length and with individual air blower and radiator for better temperature control up to the required temperature.
  • Chilling roller outside top dryer are of specified diameter with spiral circulation to remove the heat from film surface before rewinding
  • Air nozzles distribute uniform hot air across the wash width and are placed against idle rollers for proper web support
  • Air volumes can be controlled by manual dampers at each station