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    • This duplex surface winding machine is robust in construction and very much suitable to handle wider material
    • It is also suitable for thick PVC, Aluminium foils, Poly films etc.
    • Duel slitting with Top & Bottom rotary slitting and Razor blades in Groove roll with minimum change over.
    • A high capacity trim disposal unit complete with fan-motor and chute in provided.
    • Twin re-winder on surface drum to accommodated the slitted strips alternately in two portion.
    • A pneumatic lifting system will be provided with rewind arm to assist the finished materials to handle properly. It can also create positive pressure on winding if required.
    • Un winder on heavy duty travelling with web guiding system complete with roll assembly and adjustable roll.
    Materials to be process Flexible materials,Aluminium Foils ,Papers
    Working Width of the machines 800 MM,1000 MM,1200 MM,1500 MM
    Un-winder Diameter 1000mm
    Re-winder Diameter 600 MM
    Minimum Slitting Size 50 MM
    Max. Production speed 200 MPM To 350 MPM