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    Dry Lamination of two webs. Three webs can be laminated in second Operation. Coating of special lacquers also can be made. Attachment of Wet Lamination can be incorporated on request

    Gravure coating method is followed. Coating roller mounting assembly can accept integral shaft type as well as hollow type coating rollers. Pneumatic applications systems for the pressure rollers. Pneumatic pressure application system for the doctor blade units. Unit heating system either by electrical radiator or indirect air heating system with imported burner or through thermic fluid radiator system and with drying tunnel of 30 feet length.

    A tailor made machine. Hoods are pneumatically opened for easy guiding of the web and cleaning of the idler rollers. Air volume can be controlled by manual dampers at each entry point. Exhaust nozzles are equally distributed along with tunnel length. Pressure of dry nip unit is pneumatically applied, this ensures equal pressure across the web width. Customized drive suitable to users application & budget. It also ensures flexibility of a tailor made machine. Cat walk along the machine length provides easy access to the drying tunnel . Sturdy construction of body enable high speed coating lamination without vibration. Web guide unit for primary unwinder. Web chaser in poly unwinder to guide poly film with coated film reference. Center or surface type re-winding system.

    Web width 300 mm to 1000mm
    Substrate to be processed Polyester, BOPP, Alu. Foil, LDPE/HDPE.
    Max. Production speed 150 mpm