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    Wax Coating Machine

    Wax/Hot Melt Coating on Aluminium Foil Laminates, Papers through Gravure coating Method / Three Roll Coating Method
    Materials to be processed Aluminium Foil, Laminates, Paper
    Maximum Working Width 1200 mm
    Maximum Mechanical Speed 120 Mpm
    • Cat walk along the machine length provides easy access to the whole machine
    • Sturdy body frame construction enables high speed coating without vibration
    • Heavy duty gear box
    • Load cell based tension control unit at both unwind station
    • Chilling roller before rewind unit and after coating unit.
    • Passing roller — Made from 100 mm diameter heavy duty aluminium pipe, polished & dynamically balanced
    • All transmission through timing belts and pulley.
    • Un-winder and re-winder are with safety chuck and air shaft type mounting system.
    • Separate melting tank along with distribution line with hot oil circulation and jacketed tray for application unit
    • Separate inbuilt hot thermic fluid heating system for heating