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    V.M.C.H Coating on Aluminium foil, and to apply a thin coating of shellac on reverse foil surface in a single operation.

    Shellac coating – Gravure method

    VMCH Coating – Three roll coating system/Gravure method.

    • Pneumatic application for pressure roller, doctor blade, drying hood and nip unit.
    • High velovity VMCH drying system equipped with insulated drying tunnel of suitable length.
    • Shellac drying system equipped with insulated drying tunnel of total suitable length.
    • VMCH tunnel is distributed in 5 Heating zone & 2 cooling zones having individual air blower foe better temperature control.
    • Top dryer rollers are of Teflon coated to protect laquire shifting from coated foil.
    • Separate air blower for shellac unit.
    • Air nozzle distribute uniform hot air across the wash width and are placed against idle rollers for proper web supports.
    Working Width of the machines1000 MM
    Un-winder Diameter1000 MM
    Re-winder Diameter1000 MM
    Materials to be processBlister Aluminium Foil 20-25 Mic
    Max. Production speed100 MPM
    Drying MediaElectrical heater/Hot air generator