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  • This Printing machine gives vibration free noiseless & steady production even at high speed because of its sturdy & robust construction.

  • Gear boxes made of hardened and profile ground gears to transmit power to printing cylinder and doctor blade assemblies.

  • Impression rollers, dryers, doctor blades & in feed out feed nip are pneumatically actuated.

  • All Idler rollers are dynamically balanced and are made of high grade Aluminium materials.

  • To ensure efficient and complete drying of web every printing station is comprised of independent drying hoods, mounted vertically and have specially designed air splitting system consisting of air nozzles in such a way that each nozzle row faces an idler roller beneath.

  • To control proper sectional tension of the web multi drive controls are used to ensure high quality production at high speed.

  • To enable easy loading & unloading of rolls the unwind and rewind system is having Air shaft & Safety chuck.

  • SIEMENS make reputed digital A/c drive

  • Nos. of printing stations max. up to 8 Colours
    Web width range 400 mm to 1000 mm
    Cylinder Repeat 400 mm to 1000 mm
    Un-winder Diameter 1000 mm max.
    Re-winder Diameter 1000 mm max
    Designed Line speed 150 MPM